Monday, February 2, 2009

The Golden City: Jaisalmer

December month, year ending, not that much workload, everybody in a holiday mood. Lots gossiping going in and around the office.

"Hi Prem...Hi Harsh..What's up??"

"Nothing special. So you are back from your sister's marriage!! How was it?"

"Oh, it was good, but very much hectic! Hi, Shiju!!!"

"Hey Hriday, Do you want to join us? We are going to Jaiselmer tomorrow. We are having an extra train ticket booked for Sumit. He won't be going, so you can chip in in his place"

"Tomorrow!!!! I just joined today. I have to ask my line manager. Will let you know"

And thats how it started. I got the leave and all set to leave for Jaiselmer very next day i.e. 11th Dec' 2008.
The ticket was booked in the sleeper class of Delhi-Jaiselmer Express. Mixed reactions about going in sleeper class. All of us haven't travel in sleeper class for a while, Shiju after 3 long years!!!!, so all are very much excited.
We booked our train from delhi, though gonna board from Gurgaon only. We had our sleeper ticket booked in S3 compartment. When train arrived we saw the whole sleeper class compartments were packed like anything!!! There is not even space to stand!! Applying all our pushing strenght we just managed to enter the compartment, then the other passengers let us know...Its a general compartment!!! What the heck!!!So we thought we entered a wrong cmpartment & quickly we got down only to find pushing ourself hard to get inside S4 before train leaves. After a little pushing game we got some horizon to keep our feet and come to know this train is considered as a local train till Rewari station, which will be arrived after 2hrs. The above picture was taken after Rewari we got a chance to have a seat!!!
Got our seats, bad times are over. That what we thought and start playing 29 (a playing card game).
"I wanna have something to eat!!! Lets try some puri-bhaji"
Shiju bought two plates of puri-bhaji and thats served as our dinner. Soon we went sleep. Prem choosed the lower birth and poor him, he din't brought any blanket!!! He shievered in cold for the whole night.
And, finally we are at Jaisalmer!!!
Welcome to Jaisalmer Fort...

Hehehe... Posing for pic :D

Jaisalmer fort
Next Day Morning......
three heroes posing...
Mirchi seth ki Havelli (Sarforsh fame)

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